Change Your Life

“I am 3 months out since the A2M injection, and I am extremely active: elk hunting, mountain biking, walking 18 holes…all things that I have been unable to do for a long time.  Before I couldn’t sleep at night, but not anymore. Along with laser surgery for my eyes, A2M has been the greatest medical miracle to change my life.”

We are proud that our work with patients has resulted in dramatic, life-changing outcomes. Joint and soft tissue injuries have been impacted significantly through our array of effective procedures for many of our patients, allowing them to play high impact sports again, travel freely, or simply sleep or walk again. You owe it to yourself to explore these medical opportunities to take back your life.

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We require a short but comprehensive consult with one of our physicians. This may require MRI or X-Rays to understand the musculoskeletal damage. Our physicians will discuss your options then set an appointment for the procedure. Our procedures generally require little or no preparation, besides cutting back on anti-inflammatories and other pain killers. Procedures are usually less than an hour, and involve nothing more than local anesthetic. Patients walk in, and walk out. Little or no downtime post-procedure means that patients can proceed with their lives with little disruption.

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