Conditions & Treatments

Colorado Stem Cell Centers harnesses the natural healing power of undifferentiated, mesenchymal stem cells to repair damaged cartilage, ligaments, tendons or tissues in the body back to a healthier, less painful or painless state. We treat chronic pain in the neck, back, arm, hip and leg using minimally invasive techniques that include stem cell injections and platelet rich plasma injections. 

What Injuries & Conditions Do We Treat?

Our breadth of expertise and experience allows us to address any number of musculoskeletal areas that have seen injury or chronic pain. This includes all the major and minor joints (shoulder, wrist, elbow, hip, knee, ankle, foot), the spine, and also soft tissue injuries.

We typically recommend A2M and PRP injections with muscle and tendon injuries. Tendonitis of the elbow, foot, hand and wrist. Epicondylitis (tennis elbow) is a common ailment treated with A2M and PRP. Multiple corticosteroid (cortisone) steroid injections have proven to weaken the tendon, so PRP and A2M are excellent alternatives. Lipogems and stem cell injections may postpone or possibly eliminate the need for surgery for arthritic and injured cartilage. depending on the severity of the condition, age and general health, and lifestyle of the patient.

How We Get Started

Our board certified physicians provide a range of disciplines that help correctly identify whatever condition a patient faces. An initial face-to-face consult, usually accompanied by X-rays or MRIs is essential for understanding the best options as a next step. Call us or fill out the following brief questionnaire so that we can set up an appointment.

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