Patient Testimonials

Colorado Stem Cell Center patients are reclaiming their health and active lifestyles via our expertise and cutting-edge regenerative health procedures.

“Years of repetitive work and incorrect lifting practices at the gym left my right shoulder in continual pain. Simple tasks such as holding on to the steering wheel or reaching behind me was painful and changed me primarily into a left-handed person. Immediately after the stem cell injections I felt a cushioning in my shoulder which allowed better mobility. Following a regimen of stretching and light lifting I felt an 80% improvement after only 2 weeks. Continuing a proper regimen of exercise and rest has resulted in almost a complete recovery after 6 months. I can reach behind my back and lift weights without pain in my shoulder. I can sleep on my right side if desired and feel no pain at all when just resting. For anyone having problems with their joints should consider this before doing surgery. I am very happy with it and hope for continued healing. I can’t wait to get my knees done now!”                    – Gene S.

“I was extremely skeptical about trying a different type of knee injection, having tried SynVisc with no success and then cortisone with only limited success.  I visited Dr. Rentz at Colorado Stem Cell Center for a consult and found him to be very professional. I was surprised when he recommended Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (A2M) for my condition instead of a stem cell procedure, but have been really happy with the results.  Unlike the disappointing results I found before, my knee (while not perfect) doesn’t limit me anymore, in any way.  I am 3 months out since the A2M injection, and I am extremely active: elk hunting, mountain biking, walking 18 holes…all things that I have been unable to do for a long time.  Before I couldn’t sleep at night, but not anymore. Along with laser surgery for my eyes, A2M has been the greatest medical miracle to change my life.  I would recommend anyone with arthritis to try A2M or any of the other Regenerative Medicine procedures at Colorado Stem Cell Center – call Blake, Cory or Dr. Rentz.”                    – David W.

“I recently had a regenerative health procedure on both knees at Colorado Stem Cell Center and was very impressed. Professional from top to bottom with top-notch MDs, they really know what they are doing. In my initial consult, we discussed in depth my condition and intentions for future activities. Then, with the help of x-rays and a wealth of experience, the doctor was able to describe a couple of procedures which could help me reach my goals. I had the opportunity to schedule an appointment for the following week, and required next to no preparation for the procedure. I was in and out within an hour and a half, and drove home. I’ve had multiple surgeries in the past, and I was truly surprised by how easy and relatively painless the whole process was. I’m more than three weeks out from my Lipogems procedure and the knees are feeling great. Can’t wait to try them out on the ski moguls this winter!”            – Karl W.