A selection of videos, articles, and online resources to help you better understand the rapidly evolving field of Regenerative Medicine and stem cell therapies.


Colorado Stem Cell Center Introduction A short video that serves as an introduction to the clinic, what it provides, and what treatment can look like.

Multiple Regenerative Medicine Procedures When one size truly doesn’t fit all, we explain a range of procedures we offer to ensure we provide patients with all the best options, done the right way at Colorado Stem Cell Center.

The Future Is NOW for Regenerative Medicine The future will see broad mainstream acceptance for many regenerative medicine. We’re already seeing it change lives in our clinic, and employ a responsible and experience-driven approach that makes it easy for patients to accept.

Fat Stem Cells vs Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells  Short video describing the difference and efficacy of the two types of stem cells in orthopedic use.


Understand Lipogems   A comprehensive description of one of our leading, cutting-edge procedures.

How Stem Cells Work in Back and Joint Pain   Described as a “simple explanation of a complex mechanism,” this article by a doctor from another clinic provides a great alternative primer on how stem cells go to work in regenerative medicine procedures.

Sports Illustrated: At Andrews Institute, Stem Cells are Seen As Next Stage in Sports Medicine     Spotlight on the most notable orthopedic surgeon working with athletes. Actively using regenerative medicine for his own patients – Colorado Stem Cell Center is moving forward in similar ways as a leader in the space.