A selection of articles and online resources to help you understand the rapidly evolving field of Regenerative Health and stem cell therapies.

Understand Lipogems   A comprehensive description of one of our leading, cutting-edge procedures.

How Stem Cells Work in Back and Joint Pain   Described as a “simple explanation of a complex mechanism,” this article by a doctor from another clinic provides a great alternative primer on how stem cells go to work in regenerative medicine procedures.

Sports Illustrated: At Andrews Institute, Stem Cells are Seen As Next Stage in Sports Medicine     Spotlight on the most notable orthopedic surgeon working with athletes. Actively using regenerative medicine for his own patients – Colorado Stem Cell Center is moving forward in similar ways as a leader in the space.

Fat Stem Cells vs Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells  Short video describing the difference and efficacy of the two types of stem cells in orthopedic use.